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A Whole Mess of Badgers

(kind of looks like they got loose in here, anyhow...)

28 August 1970
I have no earthly idea how to describe myself, other than a few basics. The journal entries do most of the rest. Currently, I am working on expanding my compassion. I am enrolled in school full-time in a pre-nursing curriculum, with the intention of going into emergency nursing. I have two dogs and often think more of animals than of people. People who know me ask me why I don't go into a veterinary program instead of nursing. The people who know me best understand why I cannot be a vet. They do not, however, understand why I want to be a nurse. "...but you hate people," my best friend exclaimed. Well, yes - as a species. Individually, I don't mind them so much, especially if they have interesting injuries or health problems.

My life is riddled with drama of late. I hate drama, and yet I seem to draw it in. Clearly, I need to work on Something. Not sure what, yet.

I love it when people surprise me with stuff - I am shameless: