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November 30th, 2006 (09:00 pm)

akienm has been posting his affirmations and his experiences with them of late, and I'm very gratefu that he's doing so; it's helping me get started down the path I keep looking at longingly, but have been (for whatever reason) reluctant to take the first step down. There are always seemingly-important obstacles, but I think it all comes down to fear; if I don't try it, then I won't fail at it, it won't fail for me, whatever. If I don't attempt the amazing, life-changing stuff, then I can't be disappointed. It's classic rationalizing.

But reading akienm's stuff, I feel a shift in my brain, in my body and it makes me hopeful. So, I may try to rig a microphone out of a pair of headphones (an old boyfriend taught me that a speaker can just as easily be a microphone, if a sub-standard one) and record some of my own affirmations to play for myself. Oh, hey! mbrosz! Do you maybe have a mic for a computer that I could possibly borrow for awhile? Please, maybe? :-)

I've been thinking about my own list of affirmations, using akienm's as a model. I haven't yet read his whole list, but when I stalled out on my own, I read a few lines of his for inspiration. It's hard to write some of these things down, because right now, they may not be true. Some as aspects of myself I want to reinforce, some are things I want to develop more deeply, some are things I want to develop from scratch. The whole point of the exercise, though, is to rewire my neural net, to get a positive inner dialogue going instead of all the negative, self-hostile, self-judgmental, sarcastic bullshit that has become the norm. To become a better, happier, more balanced person. A lot of it may seem egotistical, but the point is to become confident, positive and balanced - recognizing my strengths, not covering them up, not apologizing for them. Some of my affirmations are closely-worded, but each distinction is important, and some of these things bear repeating.

I haven't studied this, I haven't become familiar with any "rules" of affirmations, but the word itself seems to indicate positive, life-affirming things. I infer from akienm's list that words such as "don't," "not" and "never" have negative connotations and therefore are omitted. Thus, "I don't lie" becomes "I speak the truth," and "I am not afraid" becomes "I am fearless." Positive feelings.

As I was contemplating these things in the hot tub tonight, getting my little tablet of paper soaking wet, admiring the tiny bubbles and the beautiful streams of water flowing around me, I had this clear thought: "The world is my oyster." Generally, that sentiment is spoken with some kind of greed, some kind of sinister intent - as if the person were going to rip the oyster open and yank the pearl from it. However, in that moment, it was such a pure, crystal-clear beautiful thing...The World. Is My. Oyster. The world holds a a gift, a pearl, a treasure, and it belongs to all of us.

Thinking positively for only a few hours has already impacted me in countless tiny ways. Humbling.

Writing these affirmations down for the world to see is a bit like being extremely naked and vulnerable...but that's part of it, too.

This is what I have thus far:

  • I am delighted with my whole self
  • I love myself
  • I enjoy my life
  • I enjoy being productive at work
  • I enjoy being productive at home
  • I enjoy working hard to achieve a goal
  • I enjoy challenge
  • I enjoy learning new things
  • I am good at learning new things
  • I am confident and intelligent
  • I am a good person
  • I feel good when I listen well
  • I am good at listening well
  • I comport myself with integrity and grace
  • I choose to eat healthy food
  • I nourish my cells with the nutrients they need
  • When needed, I have excellent discipline
  • I feel good when I help others
  • I am capable and skilled at helping others
  • I feel good when I refrain from judgment
  • I enjoy going out and socializing with my friends
  • I enjoy meeting new people
  • I enjoy spending time alone
  • I enjoy reading about new things
  • I enjoy reading about Buddhism
  • I enjoy becoming a balanced person
  • I am a balanced person
  • I feel good when I help others succeed
  • I feel good when I succeed
  • I feel good when others help me to succeed
  • I am fully able to experience the world on a spiritual level
  • I am open to experiencing the world on a spiritual level
  • I am experiencing the world on a spiritual level
  • I am a positive influence on the lives of those around me
  • I am a good role model
  • I have worthwhile knowledge to share
  • I have valuable opinions to offer
  • I have valuable life experiences to share
  • I am fully capable of skillfully accepting the experiences life brings to me
  • I am an enlightened being
  • I feel energized and positive
  • I fall asleep quickly at night
  • I am in perfect physical health
  • I am in perfect mental health
  • I am in perfect emotional health
  • I have released the grief of the past
  • I am excited to see what the future holds
  • I am calm in tense situations
  • I speak to others with compassion at all times
  • I defend others
  • I spread positivity
  • I am very lucky
  • I am comfortable in my home
  • I am tidy at home
  • I enjoy cleaning to have a nice home
  • I am valuable at work
  • I am valuable to my friends
  • I love my friends
  • I love my family
  • My friends love me
  • My family loves me
  • I will find the path in any situation
  • I have courage
  • I have faith
  • I have confidence
  • I feel good when I develop a healthy pattern
  • I feel good when I release unhealthy patterns
  • I feel good when I speak the truth
  • I feel good when I live up to my word
  • I am open to romance and love
  • I am worthy of romance and love
  • I am worthy of trust and affection
  • I give trust and affection
  • I trust myself
  • I enjoy reading
  • I enjoy writing
  • I enjoy creating
  • I enjoy completing
  • I write well
  • I learn well
  • I can teach through writing
  • I feel good when I share
  • I feel good when someone praises me
  • I feel grateful when someone corrects me
  • My finger is healing perfectly
  • My physical therapy is working beautifully
  • I feel good when I am vulnerable to others
  • I feel safe when I am vulnerable to others
  • I feel good when I try new things
  • I am a good cook
  • I am a good baker
  • I am a good employee
  • I am a hard worker
  • I have boundless compassion for myself
  • I have boundless compassion for others
  • I am a good mom to my dogs
  • I have all the tools I need within me
  • I align myself with others
  • I enjoy being close with others
  • I trust others to be close to me
  • I learn by watching others
  • I emulate the positive behaviors of others
  • I am skilled at many things
  • I do things when they need doing
  • I feel good when I do what needs doing
  • I feel good when I do something correctly
  • I feel good when I go above and beyond the call of duty
  • I feel good when I go out of my way to help others
  • I am physically and emotionally strong
  • I have a healthy body
  • My body is constantly keeping itself healthy
  • My body is constantly cleaning itself of toxins to be healthy
  • I love my body
  • I am amazed by my body and all of its abilities
  • I plan effectively
  • I work effectively
  • I play with abandon
  • I dance with abandon
  • I love with abandon
  • I give with abandon
  • I laugh with abandon
  • I enjoy life with abandon
  • I see clearly
  • I hear clearly
  • I perceive tiny details
  • I am observant
  • I am intelligent
  • I am emotionally stable
  • I am skilled at perceiving the emotions of others
  • I am skilled at maintaining peaceful communications
  • I am skilled at helping others to be happy
  • I am skilled at making people laugh
  • I am relaxed, calm and centered
  • I take criticism in a positive manner
  • I accomplish a great deal
  • I am capable of skillfully handling any project given to me
  • I take good care of me
  • I am precious
  • I am graceful
  • I am peaceful
  • I am strong
  • I am genuine
  • I am compassionate
  • I am empathetic
  • I am empathic
  • I am vulnerable
  • I am the creator of my own life
  • I choose my daily actions
  • I choose my path
  • I choose this life
  • I choose to have a healthy inner dialogue
  • I choose to love myself
  • I choose to radiate love for myself and for others
  • I can focus like a laser beam when I choose
  • I am skilled at meditation
  • I learn from meditation
  • I transition easily from this reality to others and back again
  • I see the transitory nature of all things
  • I am free of attachment
  • I feel good when I take responsibility for my actions
  • I feel good when I comfort others
  • I feel good when others feel loved with me
  • I feel good when others feel safe with me
  • I feel good when others comfort me
  • I feel good when others love me
  • I feel good when I feel safe with others
  • Everything will be ok
  • Everything is as it should be
  • I interpret the words and actions of others in the best possible way
  • When it's necessary, I correct others with the most compassion possible
  • I am at peace within
  • My inner peace reflects outwardly
  • I am wildly creative
  • I am incredibly innovative
  • I am skilled at improvising
  • I express myself clearly
  • I am able to understand others clearly
  • I enjoy asking questions to help myself and others understand
  • When I listen, I am focused
  • I am outgoing and fun
  • I get along easily with others by being my true self
  • Others love me for being me
  • My true self is worthy of love
  • I feel good when I feel included by others
  • I feel good when I include others
  • I am a natural, compassionate leader
  • I can do anything I choose
  • I am skilled at considering the big picture
  • I am a gift to myself
  • I have limitless talents waiting to be discovered
  • I enjoy making healthy commitments and living up to them
  • I recognize that the actions and words of others are their responsibility
  • I make the world a better place
  • I create positive change in the world
  • I do make a difference
  • I make things happen
  • I have power
  • I enjoy having power
  • I use my power to benefit all sentient beings
  • My mind is free to change with new information
  • I feel good when others come to me with questions
  • I feel good when I help customers find something they need
  • I feel good when customers like me
  • I feel good when customers ask for me by name
  • I feel good when I do a job well
  • I always do my best
  • I am safe telling others what I need
  • It is ok to need things from others
  • It is ok to need help from others
  • I express my gratitude freely when others help me
  • I receive pleasure easily
  • I see wisdom in everyone
  • I welcome opportunities to solve problems
  • I learn from every action and word
  • My higher self guides my every action and word
  • Others are attracted to me easily
  • I have a vivid imagination
  • I welcome my friends' friends into my world with open arms and without reservation
  • I maintain healthy relationships with everyone in my life, past and present
  • I emulate the people I respect
  • I have the same qualities in me as in the people I respect
  • I can make anything happen
  • I believe in sychronicity
  • I believe in fate
  • I believe in evolving in real-time
  • I believe in the tennants of Buddhism
  • I easily follow the Buddhist path
  • I remember my insights from listening to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • I trust my instinct
  • My mind is the perfect camera
  • My memory is flawless
  • I recall details and memories perfectly and quickly
  • I relax deeply and completely
  • I soothe easily
  • I acknowledge and respect the power of words and thoughts
  • I pass on the truthful words of others
  • I am insightful
  • I am profound
  • My dreams are powerful
  • My ambition is powerful
  • My intentions are powerful
  • I give my love freely and willingly to all
  • I forgive completely
  • I trust completely
  • I have time to do all the things I need to do
  • I make good use of my time
  • I sense subtleties
  • I am subtle
  • I am obvious
  • I walk with grace
  • I have perfect physical balance
  • My legs are calm and peaceful
  • My nervous system is calm and peaceful
  • My calm mind is as deep as the ocean
  • My love is as boundless as eternity
  • I am interconnected to all things
  • I feel the connection I have to all things
  • My connection to all things is eternal
  • I inspire goodness in others
  • Others inspire goodness in me
  • I am the dolphin
  • I am the shark
  • I am undefinable
  • I am desireable
  • I am wise
  • I recognize the truth in all forms
  • I am as fluid as water
  • I am mutable
  • I am flexible
  • I am lighter than air
  • My conscience is clear
  • The Divine loves me and all things
  • I love the rain
  • I enjoy all kinds of weather
  • Each season is a gift and brings gifts
  • Each day is a gift
  • I alone control my direction
  • I am exactly as the universe needs me to be
  • I live life to the fullest
  • I am passionate
  • I am made of light
  • I bring everything I need into my life
  • I sing beautifully
  • My joy bubbles throughout me
  • I enjoy being easily moved
  • I am responsible
  • My spirit soars
  • My heart is open and whole
  • I have a strong, healthy immune system
  • I perceive the unseen
  • I take solace in nature
  • I take solace in myself
  • I take solace in beauty
  • I see beauty in all things
  • I give solace to all things
  • I emulate trees
  • I am timeless
  • I am free
  • I am at peace
  • I have clarity of thought
  • I shine like a star
  • I have lived before
  • I have died before
  • I have a healthy body
  • I believed in altered consciousness
  • I have many eyes
  • My senses perceive everything
  • I enjoy surprises
  • I enjoy quirks, mine and others'
  • I have sound judgment
  • Music lifts me
  • Life inspires me to live
  • I am an important part of the world
  • My feelings are important
  • Others' feelings are important
  • I speak what I intend to speak
  • I consider new information carefully
  • I think before I speak
  • I think before I act
  • I am fearless in all expressions
  • I wake up feeling refreshed
  • Sleep fully rejuevenates me
  • My skin is soft and silky
  • My hair is soft and silky
  • My hopes are beautiful for their fragility
  • I am eloquent
  • I am funny
  • I am charming
  • I am witty
  • I am clever
  • Abundance flows to me and washes over me for the benefit of me and all beings
  • I am gentle
  • I am kind
  • I am filled with lovingkindness
  • I am protected
  • My face glows with life and openness and kindness
  • My eyes are open
  • My eyes invite others to become closer with me
  • I have a beautiful smile
  • I am sexy
  • I am seductive
  • I am honest with myself
  • I am honest with others
  • I can finish anything I start

And that's that thus far. Now to figure out how to record them and play them back.

Scary to start this...but in a good way.


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Posted by: airynd (airynd)
Posted at: December 1st, 2006 10:39 pm (UTC)

please, feel free - i used some of yours practically verbatim. :-)

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Posted by: airynd (airynd)
Posted at: December 1st, 2006 10:47 pm (UTC)
Re: OK, I've had time to read them all...

I'd like to use your list. I am planning on putting together a lengthy list, possibly in a book... And recording the entire list in multiple languages with multiple voices... And probably add at least some to the photos I've taken. May I have your permission to do that?

of course! and i'd love to buy a copy when you're finished. :-)

I also have a little feedback on your list, if I may.

absolutely! i was hoping that you'd offer some feedback.

First off, I loved it.

I was sorta hoping you might like some of them. :-)

I wanna use most of them for myself. Your initial pass at this was longer than I'd created over this whole experement!

well, when i get rolling on something i tend to really go with it! i spent a couple of hours thinking of things.

And the vast majority of them looked to me like ones that would work for almost anyone. Out of 337, I would use 313 just the way they are for me.

wow - neat!

I also identified 10 that I thought were really specific to you.

yes, there are definitely some that are very me-specific.

I enjoy reading about Buddhism, but I enjoy reading all kinds of spiritual stuff. There's nothing wrong with any of these, they just seem like not applicable to me and probably not generic enough for general use.


I also saw one that might be OK as a semi generalization, but not completely applicable to me. The thing is, this makes sense in a Buddhist sense, but there are lots of meanings to the word attachment beyond that context. So, not generic, but I really like the specific way you meant it:
• I am free of attachment

exactly - attachment in a buddhist sense works for me, as does the generic sense.

There was one I would rework to make generic:
• I am mutable --> I am flexible

i like the word "mutable" quite a bit, and its meaning, too: "capable of or tending to change in form or quality or nature; "a mutable substance"; "the mutable ways of fortune"; "mutable weather patterns"; "a mutable foreign policy" " but i think i'll add flexible, too - thanks!

And three I think need rewording
• I do not become anxious or stressed <-- this one is expressed in a negative, and what I've learned about affirmations says in expressing it, even in the negative, your subconcious won't hear the negative, and will try and make it happen as if it were a positive. So this one would promote anxiety and stress. I reworded to --> I am relaxed and centered

DOH! i was trying to be so conscious of not using "don't" "not" and so forth, but one sneaked through. :-) thanks!

• I correct others with the most compassion possible <-- this one has an assumption that others need corrected. This is something I do all the time (like now!) and not everyone appreciates it. >I< would make it into --> When it's necessary, I correct others with the most compassion possible

also a good suggestion, thanks. :-)

May I use your affirmations in my project?

of course; i'd be honored.

thanks very much for your feedback! i really appreciate it. btw, what program are you using for recording and playing back?

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